10 Newly Launched MLM in Nigeria

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Here in this article, we are going to bring to you 10 newly launched multilevel marketing (MLM) companies in Nigeria. We hope you find this list informative and.

For those who are not conversant with what MLM is, here is definition from Wikipedia. MLM is considered to be the newest way of making money and breaking out of poverty. Most of them basically market food supplements that are considered safer alternatives to others already in the market. The food supplements are mostly made from organic substances that are seen as safer for the human body. It’s already a billion dollar industry, with new companies sprouting up almost on a daily basis.

Now, for a list of the 10 newly launched mil in Nigeria, here it is:

  1. TS-Life

TS-Life was launched in the US last year November and just berthed on the Nigerian market this year. The company offers organic food supplements as healthier alternatives to chemicalised food supplements flooding the Nigerian market.

The products include Supanova, a unique liquid blend packed with all natural herbs and ingredients that will blast your day full of energy. Next is  D-Lite, a meal replacement shake nutritionally balanced and sweetened with all natural Stevia to provide you with what you need to replace meals and as an addition to any weight management program.

Also on offer is Z-Charge, a post workout/night supplement Z-Charge helps to increase physical performance during exercise with BCCA’s and protein with no artificial sugars. Others are Pura-T, which is a healthy tea blend that makes a unique addition to a healthy body lifestyle program. And last but not least C-Raze, an instant coffee made with the finest Arabica bean blend and loaded with natural ingredients to start anybody’s day off with a bang!

  1. Dalibor Strop

This is another MLM that just made its way into the Nigerian market. They are, like others, involved in the distribution and selling of wellness and anti-aging high-quality products with immediate impact to help anyone live a healthy and active lifestyle and attracts new customers or team members. They are currently looking for distributors across the country.

  1. Trevo

newly launched multilevel marketing (MLM) companies in Nigeria

Trevo is one of the most expensive MLMs to join in the country. They deal primarily with energy drinks, with is reputed to contain around 170 active nutrients that the body needs for daily activity.

  1. Royale Business Club International

newly launched multilevel marketing (MLM) companies in Nigeria

Originally started as small Quezon-City-based Company with 15 employees, this Filipino company has now gained worldwide reach. It is one of the key players in the wellness and food supplement industry, and they also sell powder beverages. For more about their contact details, here you are:

Website: www.royalebusinessclub.com

E-mail: hello@royalebusinessclub.com

Abuja Office: Plot 2 Kinda St., Wuse II.

Phone no.: +234-908-303-8066; +234-806-228-6497

Lagos Office: 23 Adeniyi Jones Ave., Ikeja, Lagos.

Phone no.: +234-909-536-6806; +234-909-536-6827

Satellite Centres: Awka, Anambra; Kaduna; Amuwo-Odofin Festac Community; Ibadan; Plateau State; Osun State

  1. Organo Gold

newly launched multilevel marketing (MLM) companies in Nigeria

This is another of the reputable and popular new MLMs in the country. The company is focused on nutraceuticals and beverages, including premium coffee, green tea, and hot cocoa. To get in touch with them, here are their contact information:

Website: www.organogold.com

E-mail: nigeria@organogold.com

Phone no.: +234-708-060-1815

Address: 31/37 Toyin St., Ikeja, Lagos

  1. Oriflamme

newly launched multilevel marketing (MLM) companies in Nigeria

This wellness company may has been around for a while, but they keep waxing stronger, even in the New Year. It has its presence in over 60 countries, with around 3 million people working as consultants for them. It’s certainly a global companies with an international reach. For their contact information, here you are:

Website: ng.oriflame.com

E-mail: customerserviceNg@oriflame.com

Phone no.: 01-448 2555 Address: 43 Adeniyi Jones Ave., Ikeja, Lagos

    7.  Forever Living Products

newly launched multilevel marketing (MLM) companies in Nigeria

This is certainly not new in the Nigerian MLM scene, but it keeps making an impact and reinventing itself, even in the New Year. The company offers health supplements that that it claims help rejuvenate the body system and help slow down the ageing process. To get more information about the company, here are the contact details:

Website: foreverliving.com

E-mail: info@flpng.com

Phone no.: +234-1-271-1795

Address: 21/23 Aromire Ave., Ikeja, Lagos

  1. Happy World Meal Gate

This is one of the most recent MLMs in the country. The company specializes in the provision of foodstuff at certain levels and cash at other levels to its members. A member registers with a minimum of N6,400 and grow your food business from there. Some members claim within 3 months of joining, they have been able to receive foodstuff worth around N200,000.00. They also offer cars as part of anniversary celebrations each year.

  1. Tasly

This is a global MLM giant with branches spanning several countries. The company is into wellness and anti-aging products, as well as personal care products.

  1. Rain international

Founded in 2009, the company has grown over the years, with a team of experts in the MLM business with experience spanning 40 years. The wellness and health products they market are seed-based and they also boast a great compensation plan to its members.

There you have it. The list of 10 newly launched MLMs in Nigeria. We hope you found this list informative and useful? Thanks for reading.

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